Let’s run it back to when Academy of DJ’s lit up the stage for their Season 4 Graduates at Studio Exchange in Santa Ana! We’re talking about a full-blown production through companies all under Inviscus! But we’ll get into those details later.

If you’re unfamiliar with Academy of DJ’s, it’s a DJ school that David Ho and Josh Pham (along with the founders of Inviscus: Khoi Le and Matt Pham)  built in 2015 to educate potential artists on what it takes to be a working DJ in the modern day industry. Not only that, they hoped to introduce an ambition that would encourage students to take their efforts to new heights, allowing them to accomplish anything they set their minds to! They’ve run four seasons strong and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

With a vinyl record backdrop decorating the photo booth and a fully stocked bar, 4 beats and a couple of shots later, the ambiance was set right on track. The room quickly filled with family, friends, and groupies pushing us over capacity before the first set even began! The students took the decks and their commitment echoed throughout the room.

This season, they graduated ten hand-selected students who honed in on ten particular music styles. While some DJ’S styled tear-jerking, feelsy EDM sets, other DJ’s broke it down with neck breaking head-bangers. And of course, we can’t forget the drop-it-low n’ pick-it-up ratchet hip hop, because there was plenty of that as well! There was something for every music lover, but more notably, each set displayed their ability to curate and showcase an immersive set without losing their individuality. They practiced tirelessly for sixteen weeks for this special moment… a moment where they owned the stage.

Livin’ Productions amped up the show with unique staging design, sick light programming, and creative visuals synced to the sound of each DJ’s set. ZeroUV sponsored goodies to the guests for supporting the cause, while Inviscus tuned in on event coverage with all things media. Most importantly, Inviscus pressed play on the Unrestricted Mindset in fresh, young minds!

What happens to our students after they’ve graduated? They’ve been hitting gigs after gigs out in the real world, showcasing their skills to a more widespread community and still receiving mentorship from all of the skilled DJ’s at the Academy.

Whether you can nod your head to the beat of this event or not, you can’t deny the dedication and passion these students have had for their show and for the class! Don’t be so quick to hit the kill-switch on ACODJ’s! They have so much more in queue and you don’t want to miss out! Check out their website for more information on how you can become the next iconic DJ!

Congrats to all 10 Graduates!
Alana Mancao – MANCAO
Amanda Vu – AVU
Anthony Pham – APham
Cebrina Jane Flores – STZYCBRZY
Grazian Moreno – grazfed
Michael Caringal – MIKECHECKK
Nate Voisan – Voisan
Quynh Ava – AVA B
Ray Esperanza – RAEBAE
Tiffany Nguyen – Y!KES
Accompanied by the MC of the night: Dante Le
August 25, 2017
Photos by @BryanMiraflor

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