The Birth of IPS

Inviscus Project Studio is the physical extension of the INVISCUS mindset.

The Purpose

The Inviscus Project Studio is a resourceful studio space where artists with different creative backgrounds can come to freely express their style of staying unrestricted. Whether it is in painting, photography, fashion, music artistry, dancing, or multimedia, IPS has become the newest hub for creation, discovery, and inspiration.

The Concept

The concept behind IPS developed in 2015 when we decided that traditional success wasn’t the only form of success. It revolved around the idea that people are multi-dimensional and have passion for more than the standard white-collar jobs that society boasted as rewarding. We wanted to build a safe haven for all categories of artists to exercise their craft without judgment or negative stigma. At IPS, we believe that if the right resources are made available to our collaborators and if their “hobbies” or artistic abilities are nurtured, we could support their growth into something much more influential. The success in their endeavors would, in turn, reflect our identity and culture of staying unrestricted. We aim to promote a sense of community and empowerment through our conviction in their potential.

The Creation

The build-up of Inviscus Project Studio began two years ago with a single, empty 2,500 sq. ft. warehouse, with bare but soiled walls, over 50 pounds of residual sand on the floor from the previous company, tattered ceilings, and a chaotic mess of wood planks. We gathered a team of eight people to assist in the clean-up and construction of IPS, from sanding, patching, and painting the walls to building restrooms and second stories. With building over the course of six months, while also juggling entertainment events and producing and designing sets, our team finally had a solid foundation to allow other creators to express what it meant to them to represent Inviscus.

The Projects

IPS is the extension of the Inviscus mindset.
Here are a few of Inviscus Project Studio’s collaborators:

– Academy of DJ’s
– The Dante Method
– The Falcone Project
– Creative Ambitions
– Painted Harts
– Inflowence
– Maryish

More details on these collaborations will be made public right here on this platform in the near future, so stay tuned! We would also love to introduce and showcase our products that embody and extend the unrestricted culture to a more widespread population.

If you feel like the Inviscus Movement parallels with your purpose, we are always looking for new creatives and free-thinkers!

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