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It’s safe to say that most of us have dipped to unexpected lows at least once in our lives. We may have even reached points of insanity because we’ve persisted so beyond our limits, yet still lack results. What a lot of people fail to realize is that it’s these states of insanity that generate the best results. It’s during this time that we gain positive transposition in our attitudes and make the most drastic changes. Inviscus promotes the idea that if you want different results, then you have to try different approaches.

Jackie, founder of Ms. Jackie Fitness, applied this philosophy to her life when she recognized that all of her life’s distresses were within her control. Whether it was financial setbacks, relationship problems, personal slumps, or even bad addictions, she was now equipped with a fresh mindset that would help her take hold of her life. For Jackie, it was fitness that placed her perspective. Her determination to turn her life around in conjunction with her belief in Christ propelled her fascination in fitness and personal well-being. She initially incorporated fitness into her life as an outlet, but that was only the beginning.

Fitness progressed from a simple stress relief to a much more multidimensional lifestyle. She discovered that it was more about passion and finding a drive to continue competing with herself. Day to day, she would push herself to be better than the person she was yesterday, to be tougher, to be quicker, to be sharper. She worked on herself for days on end, until she realized that it still wasn’t enough. She was capable of more.

She took the initiative to attain proper education in the field and accomplished that by becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Sport Conditioning Coach, and a Sports Nutritionist Specialist. She began spreading her knowledge and mindset with others through fitness blogging and by joining them in the gym on their journey to an overall enhancement in their quality of life, pertaining to not just their bodies, but also their minds and souls. She trains her clients to build brains by instilling a strong mindset that solidifies individuality and persistence, and to build brawn by integrating non-stop action, high intensity workouts. She has become a personal trainer, mentor, and guide for everyone who seeks her help.

She has helped us, as well as many others, realize that nobody is predisposed to life’s problems. We give our problems power, and therefore, with the right mindset, we can take it away. We have complete control over how they affect our lives and us. Miss Jackie Fitness continues to burn through fat, stress, and setbacks, but now, with a loyal team. She is a strong display of the Inviscus mindset and the ultimate balance of passion and discipline.

Stay unrestricted.

“Strong people don’t put others down. They lift people up.”

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