History of Hip Hop

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“Youth are a bridge between the past and the future. Whether that bridge is a shaky or a firm one depends upon the raw materials from which it is built: family, culture, education, and chance.”

At IPS, we’ve constructed a secure bridge between the past and the future through family, culture, education, and chance. We’ve provided a space and culture that stimulates a nature for progression and education, whether it’s in personal discovery or in a particular art form. We created a way to bridge the past and the future by taking seasoned dancers, DJ’s, and MC’s to teach the traditional fundamentals of hip-hop to new-aged youth and to give them the chance to develop into revolutionary dancers with superior knowledge.

We hoped to do just that through our collaboration with Academy of DJ’s x MiniShock, a youth dance organization looking to expand their repertoire of knowledge in the world of hip-hop. Instead of limiting themselves to only dancing, they now understand and can perform the different elements, MCing, Djing, graffiti writing, interwoven with breakdancing, that make up the hip-hop culture.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

Inviscus helps young minds flourish by exposing them to different components that mold them into the artists they truly want to become. Building the youth for the future isn’t easy though! This specific project with Academy of DJ’s and MiniShock required three months of planning and a couple of very important sponsors! Huge thank you to Jinx, who provided the children’s laptops and DJ controllers, DTNtech, who provided all of the hip apparel, beverages, and snacks, and last, but certainly not least, MiniShock, the talented group of young dancers!

If you missed out on this collaboration, stay on the lookout for our next one! Academy of DJ’s and Culture Shock have been hosting H4 classes in Los Angeles!

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