‌• M1kezor – T.T.T.

Trash Turned Treasure

It’s finally here! The long-awaited festival season! While many are preparing to attend Coachella this weekend, we were over here preparing the art! Well… not exactly us.

What we mean by “we” is actually our good friend and collaborator M1kezor.

We initially discovered M1kezor through a YouTube video shared by our mutual friend. At that time, our empty warehouse was being renovated into a creative studio, so a brilliant idea came to mind. We contacted Mike to zest up our bland, empty walls with his pulsating energy and unrestricted flow in the form of a 17-foot mural. When he agreed to this challenge, we knew that an incredible connection between him and Inviscus commenced.

M1kezors 17ft. creation inside IPS:

As a token of our appreciation, Inviscus Project Studio proposed to sponsor and bring to life one of Mike’s longest daydreams. He happily agreed and called the project, “Don’t Quit Your Daydream,” an art exhibit displaying some of M1kezor’s, as well as local artists’ finest masterpieces. We provided the resources—the open space and labor—so that Mike could focus on showcasing the art and sharing his vision.

Recently, M1kezor was selected to be an official Coachella artist, where he was asked to transform a trash bin into a meaningful message. It was a message that encouraged festival-goers to be environmentally conscious while also offering an opportunity to relish a lively work of art. We didn’t want to waste an opportunity to further unveil Mike’s creative talent, so we, at Inviscus, produced this evocative video showing him put paint on a trash can and turning it into something more.

When talking about the direction of his design, he explains, “I painted the flamingos because I wanted to bring a fun, colorful energy to the festival. Every time I think of Coachella, it's a visual eyegasm anywhere you look. I wanted to convey that vibrant experience on the bin as well as add to the scenery."

His distinct work can’t be overlooked, but with all the towering artwork at Coachella, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this trash turned treasure! Maybe you'll even run into M1kezor enjoying his two free VIP tickets that he won with this art entry! Grab a picture with him, and of course, don’t forget to recycle!

If you love M1kezor’s work and appreciate Inviscus’ message in staying unrestricted, support us both by checking out our special release of clothing inspired by Coachella! Flock yeah!